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Southwest Alaska is home for a vast array of wildlife. From open tundra to mountainous glacial lakes, the Lake Clark area offers a variety of habitats for large and small mammals, fish, and birds. Large runs of Sockeye Salmon and the herd of Barren Ground Caribou provide the base for this complex ecosystem.

Grizzly and Brown bears travel throughout our part of Alaska feeding on the calorie-rich fish as they move upstream to their spawning area. The bears count on the fish to provide the much needed fat to survive hibernation through a long cold winter. As the countless Salmon travel inland, packing into the small streams to spawn, the bears gather to feed and interact.

caribouThe Mulchatna herd of Barren Ground caribou migrate over the tundra, feeding on moss and lichen.The nomadic journey of the caribou covers hundreds of miles every year. Caribou travel in groups ranging from 2 to 20,000 animals, grouping together and separating as they migrate. Many local predators such as Gray Wolves, Grizzly and Black Bears, Coyotes, and Wolverines follow the migration to feed on the caribou.

With three generations of experience and specialized equipment, Lake Clark Air and The Farm Lodge offer a way for you to get into the backcountry to see the wildlife in its natural environment. By using highly qualified and experienced pilots and well-maintained aircraft, The Farm Lodge offers a safe way for you to visit the most wild and remote parts of Southwest Alaska.

Our activities are designed for small groups and provide you with a personalized experience. The activities take you into Alaska's most remote areas for chances to photograph bears, caribou, moose, eagles, waterfowl, salmon, tundra, glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, and much more. Please visit our activities page to view pre-designed packages that include wildlife viewing or request information on a custom package that includes the activities that you desire.

  • Peak viewing times Brown Bears at Brooks camp- June 25 to July 20.
  • Brown Bears in remote streams- July 20 to October 1.
  • Barren Ground Caribou- July 1 to October 1.
  • Sockeye Salmon- July 1 to October 1.

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