The Farm Lodge and Lake Clark Resort

The Farm Lodge and Lake Clark Resort; offering access to Lake Clark National Park, Katmai National Park, and remote Southwest Alaska for over 40 years.

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Twin Lakes and dick proenneke

As a boy my father, Glen Alsworth, Sr., would fly to Twin Lakes with his father to drop supplies and visit with Dick. Through the years he would travel there often; first as a student pilot with Grandpa, and later on his own, taking over the support flights for Dick where his father left off.

I was very fortunate that my father continued the tradition with me. I recall flying with him to Dick's as a child. Dick would always welcome the company and had priceless new discoveries to share. Fox dens, snowy owls, baby moose, river polished rocks, friendly birds that would eat from your hand, and the best blue berry patches were some of the many things I took in wide-eyed as a child on visits to Twin Lakes.

the life of dick proenneke

A couple times a year Dick would come to stay with our family in Port Alsworth. He would help harvest potatoes and usually run the grader on our dirt airstrip. He could always be found if you listened for his humming while he worked, possibly a habit developed over many years of working alone. His first order of business upon arrival was to walk through the house and discover new technology, such as CD players, personal computers, and all the other things that he obviously could live without.

As more and more people heard about Dick, more people wanted to visit him. The park service had taken over much of the flying to help keep Dick supplied, so by the time I was old enough to fly, I was taking people to Twin Lakes to meet Dick. It always amazed me that someone who lived so much of the time on their own would be so hospitable and eager to entertain company. He was in fact a very good host and each visitor always left feeling that Dick had enjoyed their visit.

his legend lives on

Even though Dick is no longer living, Twin Lakes is still a very special place to visit. It is my pleasure to offer people the chance to see Dick's cabin, explore Twin Lakes, and feel first hand the magnificent land that called Dick to such a unique lifestyle and experience.

visit twin lakes

If you would like to visit Twin Lakes and his cabin please call us toll free at 888-440-2281 for more details.

Please visit our Activities page to check out the pre-designed packages or request a custom package that contains the activities you desire.

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activities / packages

Below are a few packages that many of our guests have enjoyed. We also offer custom packages to meet your individual group's budget, schedule, and desires. Please use the following links for more information regarding Custom Packages, Family Packages,  or one of the following prebuilt packages.

wildlife viewing

wildlife viewing
Southwest Alaska is home for a vast array of wildlife. From open tundra to mountainous glacial lakes, the Lake Clark area offers a variety of habitats for large and small mammals, fish, and birds.

Catch and release fishing

catch & release fishing
Fed by the massive runs of wild salmon through Bristol Bay and the western Cook Inlet streams, our area offers world-class fishing.

air service

air service
Lake Clark Air offers regular service between Anchorage, Merrill Field and the airports in the Lake Clark and Iliamna area as well as offering charters to destinations throughout the entire state.

Dick Proenneke - Twin Lakes

dick proenneke - twin lakes
Anyone who has heard of Dick Proenneke can not help but feel attracted to who he was and what he did. His is the story of someone who forsook all else to pursue his dream.

Katmai National Park

katmai national park
Known for its great diversity in landscape and habitat, Katmai National Park and Preserve offer countless opportunities for experiencing Alaska's abundance of wildlife, fish, and landscape.

Lodging at Lake Clark

Lodging is in modern accommodations on the waterfront. Both our standard and deluxe suite guest cabins have heated rooms, covered porches for relaxing, and private bathrooms with running water.

Family vacations

family vacations
As parents of 5 children, we know the difficulty in finding a vacation that is exciting for parents and children at the same time.

Our history

our history
On August 9 of 1944 my grandfather, Leon "Babe" Alsworth, taxied his small floatplane up to the shore of Hardenberg Bay on Lake Clark.

wildlife viewing

experience alaska

Our tours truly take you away from the crowd and into Alaska the way it is meant to be experienced. We offer a number of activities that are suitable for all ages. It is our pleasure to offer a place for your whole family to experience the untamed parts of Alaska.

what our guests say

" of our best and most memorable holiday experiences ever..."

Bernard and Brigitte - Zurich, Switzerland

" Christmas time the family all wanted to see the film of our Alaskan adventure..."

Geoff and Marcia - England

"...the highlight of our month long trip to Alaska..."

Cecil and Norris

" our time at Port Alsworth was most enjoyable..."

Jim and Ethel - Pomfret Center, CT

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The Farm Lodge and Lake Clark Resort

offering access to lake clark national park, katmai national park and remote Southwest Alaska for over 40 years.

Over 40 years experience

Our packages are designed for small groups and provide you with a personalized experience.


We travel by well maintained floatplane or boat in search of bears, caribou, moose, eagles, tundra, wildflowers, berries, rugged mountains and glaciers, deep blue lakes, salmon-filled streams, active volcanoes, historic log cabins, and the other hidden treasures of the Alaska backcountry in and around Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks.

Wilderness fishiing

Our guides are well experienced for leading groups for fly fishing or groups using spinning gear. Because we have access to such a great variety of fishing, we can keep both the experienced fisher productive and excited as well as give instruction for those interested in trying the sport for the first time..


See Alaska's most remote areas for chances to photograph bears, caribou, eagles, tundra, glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, and much more. The floatplane and guides are with you for the day, giving you the flexibility to move about and explore the best of the remote Alaska backcountry.